Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Engineer and Build Week - Week 8

This week, your challenge is to build or construct something, try it out, and then make any changes you need to make it better.  

I am giving you a few cool projects, but please feel free to design and build something else! Some of these are easy, and a few are ones you may need parent help with. Choose wisely!  Then let me know what you built! (There is also a Padlet link if you wish to share!)
      NOTE:  If you do not have something you need, what can you substitute?  Look around your house and see what else might do the job!  Here are some useful materials: tape, popcicle sticks, rubber bands, toilet tissue tubes, straws, string, sewing spools, bbq skewers, washers, glue, paper, ... and anything in the recycle bin like cans or plastic bottles or plastic bottle caps is fair game!  

Here are links for: 

Other fun challenges: 
     - Using only materials in the recycle bin or trash, build a boat that will float! (You pick the size!)
     - Use something out of the recycle as a container and plant a seed!
     - Do you have some wood scraps at your house? Can you build a bird feeder or a bird house?

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