Sunday, May 3, 2020

Germy Bread - Week 3 Challenge

WEEK 3 Germy Bread Experiment - Below is a YouTube from the bread done by Glenshire students.  Tahoe Lake Students also did the same experiment, but I wasn't able to rescue the TLE bread to bring home. 

 We exposed the bread slices to whatever germs and bacteria were on our hands or other surfaces.  We tried using hand cleaner or alcohol or hydrogen peroxide first, or what if we washed with soap and water?  What if we didn't wash? What if the bread touched something besides our hands?

Some were done  on commercial bread.  Some were done on my homemade bread. 

Watch the video and then answer the questions.  
  • What happened?  
  • Why is some moldy and some not? 
  • What are your thoughts?

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