Sunday, May 3, 2020

Welcome to Science Lab in your computer. How ARE you? (Week 1 challenge)

Hi, my favorite scientists!  

This week, I ONLY want you to explore what I have put in your Google Classroom for you.  Check out the animal webcams, the space links, and just take a break from getting used to science outside of our usual science time.  The rest?  Just see what is available for this week.  I may have you actually go back and use some of that later.  (There is a Google Classroom tab here in the blog if you need help learning to use your Google Classroom links.)

I miss you! My classroom is too quiet!  (I did rescue the germy bread project and bring it home - stay tuned! And stay tuned for a view of my "classroom from home" - my messy office!)

Hope you are finding some good adventures without me... you can always email me and tell me about what life away from school is like at  

Meanwhile... How ARE you? What's weird or different or difficult or easy? Here's the deal - add a comment on a Padlet and TALK TO ME!

Go to this Padlet, click on the plus button in the bottom right, and create your own sticky note to tell me how you are doing!

~I can't wait to hear from you! 

Mrs. S.

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