Sunday, May 3, 2020

Rube Goldberg Project - Week 2 Challenge


Oh, you know you want to!  Create a Rube Goldberg chain reaction using things from your house!  Think about some great stuff you have to use.  What is in the recycling? What small toys do you have? Can you use something out of the kitchen (with parent permission)? What about books or something for a ramp, balls, marbles, small cars with wheels? Can you make it do at least 5 steps?  If someone else in our school lives in your house, you can do it together and both - or all - get the credit!

I am attaching some links for our favorite ones for you to use for ideas. 

This Too Shall Pass (created by college students)

Audrey's Monster Trap (created by an elementary student)
The Lemonade Machine (created by 6 college students)

Create your project. 
Draw a picture of it, or have someone take a photo of it, or write a description of how it worked.  You can use Google Draw, Google document, or upload a photo.  Show me what you did! I can't wait to see your great ideas!
There is a Padlet if you want to upload  your own photo or video. Just push the + 
at the top of your grade and create your sticky note! Use the up arrow in the bottom of your sticky to add your picture or video. (mkv format doesn't work - mov 
format does.)

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