Sunday, May 3, 2020

Space Week! - Week 5 Challenge

This time, you some cool space options!  You may choose 1, 2, or all of them. You decide.  You do NOT have to do all of these.  Just go look, choose one, then tell me what you checked out. There are videos, an art project, and a mission design project.

FIRST: Jessica Meir, NASA astronaut, had one last interview before she came back to Earth.  She was on on Late Night with Stephen Colbert.  It was a fun interview!

SECOND: Astronauts Jessica, Oleg and Drew are coming  back to Earth Thursday-Friday, April 16-17. 

  • Watch the crew turn over command to Crew #63 (link below)
  • Crew #62 (Jessica, Drew and Oleg) will say their goodbyes on NASA TV, close the hatch to the crew module, undock and land back on Earth. Here is the NASA short version.
  • Do some research about one of the astronauts. Which would you like to meet?

THIRD:  Imagine you're an astronaut! This link  gets you to information, photos and videos about living in space.  Check it out!  

FOURTH:  Check out the ISS live feed - the same feed we get to see on our ISS-Above in the classroom.  (HDEV - High Definition Earth Viewing)  Watch it for a bit and tell me what you saw - where did it fly over? (This one is dark when it's on the nighttime side of the Earth.)

FIFTH:  NASA has a Mission Challenge for students - all different age categories! Design a space mission and also design the perfect space vehicle to do it with, and put it all down on paper!  
  • Watch the video on the website, and then check out the directions and links.
  • You make up a mission (where are you going?), design the Mission (why are you going?) and then design the space craft to do the job.  If you love your design, submit it to the contest! Or, you can email it to me.

Sixth: Space Art Project: You can submit art that you create, and it might end up on a specially made art space suit!    

I can't wait to hear what you checked out!  Have a Spacey Week!
~Mrs. Scheibner

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