Monday, May 18, 2020

Week 10 - Aerodynamics Week!

This week is about how the design of something can keep it in the air and off the ground!  

So - plans for a paper helicopter, a flying cylinder, paper airplane trials, and other air lift designs are the challenge of the week!  Choose one, or compare several, make one and experiment with the design, or try designing or modifying your own!

Option 1: Choose a plane design.  Or maybe this one?  Or maybe THIS one? Build it. Try it out.  Can you modify it? What if you add a paper clip? What if you slightly bend the ends of the wings? What if you use a different kind of paper?  What if you make a bigger or smaller one?  

Option 2: Make a paper helicopter. 
Try it with a different kind of paper. Try bending the tips of the wings up or down or one of each. What if you used a 3x5 card instead?

Option 3: Build a flying cylinder.  Throw it with a slight twist of your wrist, like a football.  How far can it go?  What if you make another with smaller folds?  Or larger ones?  Can you throw it and hit a target? What if you fold the paper the other direction instead - longways instead of sideways, or sideways instead of longways? How does that work out? What if you make it longer or shorter?
Option 4: What in your house can you keep in the air with ONLY your own breath?  Do you have a feather? Maybe a kleenex! How about a cotton ball? Balloon? What else might you have?  What if you use a piece of a straw to blow through - does it work better if you can direct your air that way?  

Let me know how it worked out for you!  Maybe you had a family competition, or maybe somebody in your house has a better design! You can use the Padlet to tell me or show me, or you can click on the document in Google Classroom by the Turn In button and answer the questions.

(You thought science would be dull this week with bad weather keeping us inside... HA!)  (And try not to hit Mom or Dad with your flying objects!)

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