Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Inventions! Week 6 Challenge

What can YOU invent?  

Just because you are a kid doesn't mean you can't have amazing ideas.  Here's your chance to come up with something cool!  Here are some links and some videos to inspire you and give you some ideas.  
Amazing Kid Inventions!      Brilliant Kid Inventors!    3 Kid Inventions and Baby   child inventors
Your task:  Invent something!   Draw it, or describe it, or build a prototype model out of stuff you have at home (raid the recycle!).   Tell me THREE things.  
                        1) WHAT was the problem you are solving or making easier?  
                        2) WHO would use your invention?
                        3) What is your INVENTION?
 Use any of the ways below to send me your great idea!                    
     *You can turn it in by writing on the document above the Turn In in your Google Classroom, and describe your great idea.  
     * You can sketch out your idea and turn it in ("+" by the Turn In in Google Classroom for attachments).
     * Even better - you can build a model of what you are thinking!  Explain it! (Write to me and show me or tell me what you did!)
     *Use Google Draw to show me - that is easy to attach. 
     * Send me a photo or a short video by email or Classroom!
     *Collaborate online or on the phone (with your parents permission) and do something together! (But both of you need to turn in your thoughts so your teacher will see you both did it.)
     *Put it on a Padlet!

Enjoy!  Be brilliant!  I can't wait to see how you are going to change the world!

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