Distance Learning Padlets

These are links to the Padlets created to display student responses from Tahoe Lake Elementary and Glenshire Elementary science students.  Each padlet reflects a portion of the submissions from students for that respective challenge. Padlet submissions have to be approved (clicked on) by Mrs. Scheibner before they can be viewed by everyone.

(If you cannot construct your own Padlet submission, email Mrs. Scheibner for help!)

Glenshire 5th grade  Virtual Science Fair

Back Yard Rube Goldberg Chain Reactions!


30 Day Lego Challenge (general interest)

30 Day Science Challenge (general interest)

Week 12 - How are you NOW?

Eggstronaut Landers (Week 11 challenge)

Aerodynamic Projects (Week 10 challenge)

Botany Projects (Week 9 challenge)

Engineering and Building Projects (Week 8 challenge)

Tahoe Outdoor Science Projects (Week 7 challenge)

Brilliant Inventions (Week 6 challenge)

Space Art and Projects (Week 5 challenge)

Observations from Wildlife webcams and Home (Week 4 and general)

Decorah Eagle webcam observations (Week 4 and general)

Rube Goldberg Chain Reactions (Week 2 challenge)

How ARE You? (Week 1 and beyond)

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