Google Classroom

The Science Lab Weekly Challenges are housed in Google Classroom.  Students have access to one of Mrs. Scheibner's Google Classrooms based on their homeroom class or by their grade level.  This is the easiest way for students to "turn in" their projects to Mrs. S. 

If you have not yet been in Google Classroom and need help accessing the correct account, you can email Mrs. Scheibner.  This also works for submitting things that cannot upload to a Padlet or that won't attach in your Google Classroom.

 Google Classroom looks like this: (green arrow points to it here)

Or.. it might be in the "waffle" (the 9 squares - click there)

Here are some videos to help you catch up with your student!

Video 1 (English)                   Video 1 (Spanish)               

                                            Video 2 (Spanish)

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