Tomatosphere is a project between First Seed Foundation and NASA.  Each year, NASA takes thousands of tomato seeds to the International Space Station for a short stay where they are exposed to the radiation of space (about 20 times what we experience on Earth!) and microgravity (floating).  When the seeds are returned to Earth, they are matched up with equal amounts of seeds that were only on Earth, and are sent to students in classrooms all over the place.  

The project seeks to find out if anything different happens to one set of seeds compared to the other.

TTUSD students have some of those seeds!  This year's seeds are from sets L and M.  One set went to space, but we don't know which.  We need to keep track of when the seeds germinate (come up) and send the information to Tomatosphere.  THEN they will tell us which were the space seeds.  

If you are raising some of these tomato seeds, PLEASE send your data to Mrs. Scheibner.  
  • Which seeds did you have:  L or M?
  • How many days did it take for each of your seeds to sprout?
Here is a Padlet of our results! (You can add yours - just click on the + under the column you want.)

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